White House assessing & models worst-case scenarios like what the shock of gas prices hitting $200 per barrel may mean for economy, you; these demons know what they did and doing & will get us there

by Paul Alexander

$200 a barrel; you know what you have to do, come November, we vote them all out, all, democrat & republican who got us here, & we get a new administration in 2024; we strip FDA, CDC, NIH, HHS down

Fire top 50 officials in these corrupted illicit health agencies, all of them. And if we investigate and find that their polices caused deaths, we take their pensions and jail many of them! Same in Canada, we don’t be afraid. These beasts, these demons caused the deaths of healthy people by their lockdown lunacy and failed injections. Yeah, follow the eff in $CIENCE.


'Give us a plan or give us someone to blame': Inside a White House consumed by problems Biden can't fix