"White, male, Christian, conservative, heterosexual, alpha, likes meat"...well, its over for you...bottom of the ladder in a liberalist/woke/democrat America/world; its OVER, will get '0' from society

by Paul Alexander

You are hated & attacked, bottom of ladder, will get zero, no wonder stats show white younger males committing suicide at higher levels...why? why do you think? STAGNATION coming, will make it worse

It's horrendous, astonishing, that as a white male, your options are limited in modern America, Canada, UK etc…have no safety supports as others, and have no help…are placed at the bottom in every issue…why? We know this is discriminatory and racist on so many levels and destructive but I am asking you why? Let's pull the elephant out of the closet…

How did we get here? I AM an immigrant and with black family while I am white/fair, I get hammered when folk hear my accent, so another discussion ha ha, but lets get serious, why is this fair to a white Christian male? Why would the establishment even Republican, work to destroy white Christian conservative males? Yes, its complex too but why just say white males are privileged and so should be curtailed and punished and shunted to the bottom? Does he not have needs and problems and a life too?

I include a decent article that I disagree on some points with yet it's decent to bring it to the floor and open the debate for the stats are clear, white males are committing suicide.