White male, dead on arrival (DOA) in American society today, DOA, hell if you are Christian, worse yet! Lord help you if you are CONSERVATIVE too & if you are an ALPHA, heterosexual, GAME OVER!

by Paul Alexander

White, Christian, conservative alpha heterosexual male in America? well you are DOA...this is why the left, democrats, RINOS, radicals, media hated POTUS TRUMP, he checked the wrong boxes! I loved him

I thought he was what America needed and Paul Ryan stole his first 2 years, that untermensche, that beelzebub, and then pandemic in year 4 to topple him. But in one year, year 3, you must judge him, and he did more for America than all others POTUSs save Abe and George, in one year. He did more for America than Obama did in 8, in just one year really and more for blacks than Obama and Biden did in 8.

He is what America needs now, to get back in there and clean house, and jail many, many, and tee it up for folk like Ron who will do good.