WHO, CDC, NIH, Health Canada, PHAC played politics with MONKEYPOX & deliberately causing it to spread outside of GAYS bisexuals; BIDEN thinking to declare emergency; NO, just tell GAYS NO ANAL sex! NO

by Paul Alexander

Now one hour ago today, WHO declares it an EMERGENCY: 'declares rapidly spreading monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency'; WHO and CDC should be stripped to the studs and all fired for this!

This is deliberate, these beasts at CDC and NIH like Fauci and Walensky etc. are doing this intentionally. They want this to become your low risk problem, like what they tried with EBOLA when Obama brought it to USA soil and how they handled COVID. It is what Fauci did to HIV in 1980s. He denied Bactrim and pushed AZT that killed the GAY community.

These are destructive beasts. Criminal IMO.

This virus is a risk for the GAY and bisexual community and NOT the rest of the population. Do not believe what they are telling you, they want you to vaccinate your children etc. and lockdown and the like. It’s coming.

Still today, declaring it an emergency but will not tell the GAY community to have NO sex, skin to skin contact to cut the transmission, NO anal sex, not a word on that. That is how outrageous this has all been.


WHO declares rapidly spreading monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency

US Health Officials Weigh Emergency Declaration Over Monkeypox