Who the fake is this Prince Harry moron? To slam the US? When it was the US that crossed the Atlantic & shed it's blood & treasure to rescue your sorry Brit asses WWII; go fake yourself Harry & Meghan

by Paul Alexander

Entitled losers, never worked a day, in fake British military stint...pusillanimous & the freak comes live in our house yet takes shots! go to fake back from where you came, & take a bath while at it!

Homie, don’t come up in my hood and talk smack to me, you loser! No one, I mean no one, gives a shit what you have to say, Harry, and worse for your idiotic wife! You do not come up in someone’s house and hit them, you do not do that when they have been receptive!

We know this idiot is on a leash from Meghan who has political aspirations…when you think the dems can get no nuttier, they bring out these 2 tax payer leaches…these idiots who make LeBron James look Rhode scholar material…two of the most stupid ‘wanna be smart people’, I have heard in a long time. Sucking off the British tax payer teats…from his father all the way down, a bunch of entitled losers…all of them…need we remind you Harry we beat your sorry assess in the revolutionary war so we can tell you to ph*ck off, so ph*ck to hell off and get to ph*ck out of the US…we run things our way. And take your racist wife with you and her communism talks.

To Harry:


Prince Harry Ripped for Trashing United States in U.N. Speech: ‘Useful Idiot,’ ‘Go Home, Little Boy’