'WHO urges countries to lift travel bans and not ask for vaccination proof for entry': US & Canadian truckers to strike over mandates; the HOUSE of CARDS is CRUMBLING, if wrong is shown, we jail them!

by Paul Alexander

We have to keep pounding away at the cracks & crevices, we are WINNING! this is where POTUS Trump has to lead and call for it to end, no vaccines kids, he must go after Fauci/Birx NOW!!!!

Great step if so, if this reporting is correct.

I supported Trump and still do and we have an opening, he has to come out banging away at Fauci and Brix and blame them and their lockdowns and school closures that killed thousands, and then call for the ending of the vaccines in full, and none for children, he has to! these vaccines are failed and dangerous! he has to make a stand for his legacy but for what is right.

Discussions Moncef of Moderna had made me understand he had no idea what he was doing or saying and did not understand the safety issue and the necessity; he and Bourla and Bancel brought harmful vaccines; history will show this and I will add what I grew to know to inform that discussion. I told them no vaccine, none for anyone but high risk and even then I said no need…

These people did wrong for money etc. and who knows why else but if wrong is shown, they must be punished.

We have them on the ropes, and we will win this and as I said, we jail them all who were involved and did wrong in this, there are many, no matter what level in society!



‘Even after a surge in Omicron cases, the World Health Organization has urged nations to lift travel bans and mandatory vaccination for entry into countries. "The failure of travel restrictions introduced after the detection and reporting of Omicron variant to limit the international spread of Omicron demonstrates the ineffectiveness of such measures over time. Travel measures should be based on risk assessments and avoid placing the financial burden on international travelers in accordance with Article 40 of the IHR," it said in a statement. 

It further said that the state parties should consider a risk-based approach to the "facilitation of international travel by lifting or modifying measures, such as testing and/or quarantine requirements, when appropriate.’

Thousands of Canadian Truckers to Strike Over Vaccine Mandates, US Truckers to Join

By Enrico Trigoso

January 20, 2022 Updated: January 20, 2022biggersmaller Print

Following the Public Health Agency of Canada’s announcement that foreign truck drivers can only enter Canada if fully vaccinated starting Jan. 15, and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announcing similar requirements starting Jan. 22 for non-U.S. national truckers crossing into the United States, thousands of truckers decided to protest and will meet…