Why are strokes dramatically rising in young people in America & Canada? Is it mRNA technology based COVID gene injections (Moderna & Pfizer)? Can we ask that question? Should we? Makis & I say yes!

by Paul Alexander

Why did our US and Canadian governments allow and promote and mandate use of these dangerous COVID gene injections that were safety UNTESTED? These governments were CRIMINALS! Jail them!

It’s the vaccine, stupid, it’s the vaccine!

Why are young people, millennials, have such dramatic rises in stroke? Just look at the numbers for ischemic stroke, CVST stroke, hemorrhagic stroke etc. It is staggering even when compared to influenza vaccine, caused stroke. The issue is that all of the COVID injections, regardless of delivery platform etc. (mRNA or DNA), are catastrophic failures!:


Makis reminds us that strokes in young people are rising dramatically and now the media is forced to admit and cover it:

‘“Risk of stroke is growing among women under 50 and women of color” (click here); is the COVID vaccine? Can we whisper it?

I say YES, it’s the vaccine, stupid, it’s the vaccine!

Sharp rise in stroke cases among the young” (click here)

Why are Millennials having so many strokes?” (click here)

National Stroke Awareness Day: Why more young people are having strokes” (click here)

Doctors see rise in strokes for younger adults” (click here)’

The truth is how can you be looking at these news stories and not be angered and outraged and this will continue. We have to find ways to get the damn spike protein out of the body and this is why I called on Robert Malone to come to the congress and tell us how to stop the mechanism of action of the mRNA strand itself (the LNP payload), either before it locks with the ribosomes in the cytoplasm to begin translation of the spike protein, yet also as the translation was ongoing or in any manner along the translation sequelae. There was an urgency to my call. I know others support the call and we want Malone to step up and tell us how to turn off the mRNA technology either directly or via some antidote type follow-up shot etc. or drug.

Dr. William Makis’s brilliant substack can be seen below if you wish to read it, support him.

Start here:

‘Mississauga, ON - 37 year old bakery owner Steve Viola died of a stroke on Apr.6, 2023 (click here)

Loveland, CO - 31 year old electrician and plumber Dalton Broes died from a stroke on Mar.27, 2023

Pulaski, WI - 46 year old nurse Jennifer Jaeger died unexpectedly from a stroke on Mar.9, 2023

Birmingham, AL - 25 year old Hairstylist David Hill had multiple strokes starting Mar.3, 2023 and died Mar.24, 2023 (click here)

Odessa, NY - 16 year old Odessa-Montour High School soccer player Keyonna Garrison suffered a stroke on Jan.6, 2023 (click here)

Saint Paul, MN - 16 year old hockey player Cormick Scanlan died after suffering multiple strokes on Dec.25, 2022 (click here)

Green River, WY - 13 year old Joseph Allred of Lincoln Middle School in Green River, had a major stroke in Nov.2022 (click here)

Joe recalled how he had to ask a teacher for help opening his locker because he physically couldn’t get this hand turn the lock. But Joe shrugged it off and went about his day. Then he started having problems walking during recess later that day. Joe said he would try to walk, but his leg wouldn’t move. (click here)

Philadelphia, PA - 18 year old lacrosse player Sophie Borrelli suffered a stroke on July 15, 2022 (click here)

Sophie was on vacation when she began to feel ill. (click here)

Boston, MA - 17 year old High School Student D’Andre Hicks suffered a stroke in May, 2022 (click here)

Cambridge, ON - American Model Hailey Bieber suffered a stroke on March 10, 2022 (click here)’

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
Strokes are skyrocketing in young people - Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines showed safety signals for strokes as early as November 2021, but these were ignored.
Mississauga, ON - 37 year old bakery owner Steve Viola died of a stroke on Apr.6, 2023 (click here) Loveland, CO - 31 year old electrician and plumber Dalton Broes died from a stroke on Mar.27, 2023…
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Makis provided some intel from a ‘Canadian/US study accepted for publication in Nov.2021 found safety signals for stroke with both Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, that were completely ignored’: