Why are tens of thousands more UK Brits dying?Dying more than expected & experts don't know what the cause or reason is. From May to December 2022 there were 32,441 excess deaths in England & Wales.

by Paul Alexander

Why? I join Makis in asking why? McCullough too has waxed on this as this is troubling yet links tightly with the COVID mRNA technology gene injection yet no one involved is asking why?

Excess deths in 2021 post shot, each booster, and now in 2023 it is surging. Why? Is it dementia, old age, or is it Brits are excessively fat? Same for parts of US? Is it delayed treatment due to all beds and hospitals locked off due to COVID in 2020 and now people are way along chronic disease sequelae and now dying? We know we killed many with the COVID protocol of no antibiotics, DNR orders, fraud over-cycled PCR test (above 24 cycles), sedation with midazolam and morphine, isolation, bad abusive treatment of elderly, deadly kidney and liver toxic Remdesivir, ventilators etc. We killed most this way. In US, Canada, UK etc.

Our governments and health systems killed our people.


COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
Excess Deaths in the UK - 10,000s more Brits are dying - experts not sure why ?! I have an idea. This trend of excess deaths is accelerating in 2023 and that is very bad news.
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