Why did Dr. Peter McCullough NOT sue Michael Senger (lawyer & Brownstone writer) when Senger went on Twitter & slandered him? Senger openly misrepresented McCullough's positions, but McCullough,

by Paul Alexander

the Christian & person of grace & benevolence we have grown to see exuded in him, did not sue, he shrugged it off & moved on; this is the type of gracious mercy needed; Senger was wrong yet no suit

There is a reason and a good one and it may help a current situation.

First, I want to wish you all a Happy Easter, peace, blessings, love. Time with family. Remembering what this holiday is all about.

I have often been amazed at the grace and kindness of Dr. McCullough and how he handled the Senger Twitter postings revealed it in spades. He remains a hero of mine and a leader in this Freedom Movement.

This substack wraps up a story of Dr. McCullough, Michael Senger of Brownstone, and Dr. Malone, for I see an aspect, link, that needs fleshing out as it can be informative and instructive and may help heal the Malone-Breggin wound.

The title of this substack is important for here we had a clear situation where McCullough could have made what Senger said on Twitter ‘actionable’ and sued (or tried), yet he did not. At that time, Senger was writing for Brownstone, as I was at that time.

With this I ask Dr. Malone again to consider the content here and withdraw his lawsuit against Dr. Peter Breggin. Dr. McCullough’s actions here reveal a difference in how these 2 people (McCullough versus Malone) reacted and my argument is McCullough showed the balance and understanding and grace and love and mercy and brotherhood. The Twitter postings by Senger were horrible as written yet McCullough stood back. I ask Dr. Malone to do same. I think he could. I ask him to find those good things inside him. I do not say he is a bad man, person. I will not say that. I ask him to find the goodness in him that must exist and resolve this.

To do the right Christian thing.

What McCullough did was the right thing, the good thing, the moral thing. He likely understood that what Senger did was wrong, yet was misguided at that moment and made a mistake, as we all do. We are all humans and IMO, Senger’s arc of life must be a good one. One must not be judged by a mistake or two. Problem is we use social media now and simple mistakes and disagreements we are playing out in media and it gets difficult.

No doubt we have serious differences on the science and the mRNA technology injection Malone has been involved in (and many very serious questions) yet my views (and others) are scienced based and I still press for answers that millions have. Dr. Malone himself has even used the media etc. to slander and attack me (and by extension my family) after I rose to the defense of Dr. Breggin and McCullough. It caused us a lot of grief and risk, threats to safety, yet did I sue him? No. Did I sue him? No. As much as it upset me and family. As much as it raised serious safety issues for what it intimated. No. I could have and can. Yet no. Yes it was horrible. I have made my decision because in large part we were a family of scientists and doctors. I think the past is important and while some people do terrible things to each other, sadly, I think most often they are misguided and a bit deranged at that time. We all can be guilty of that. Confused. Other things that are happening driving bad behavior. I always hope people will one day find the way to resolve and rectify even difficult issues. We have to find that redemption and forgiveness in us.

So I am using the magnanimous behavior of Dr. McCullough as the example, and I am asking Dr. Malone to consider how Dr. McCullough reacted to a devastating unprovoked attack on his name and reputation by Senger.

McCullough was merciful and forgave.

I am asking Dr. Malone to approach his matter with Dr. Breggin same, both sides.

I think the social media platforms are emboldening us to write and say things we would not ordinarily and we have to fight hard and check ourselves.



He did nothing. He shrugged it off. I again ask Malone do same yet make no mistake, I in no way am saying Breggin did Malone what Senger did to McCullough. I do not even think Senger apologized to McCullough for the wrong move and slander. He, McCullough, knew Senger was wrong but he is focused on saving lives and being out front battling the wrongs. Time is too precious. And we are all brothers and sisters in the fight. Yes, we get angry and yes wrong things can be said but there must be balance and ways to step back before it gets out of hand. McCullough showed it in spades.

I again appeal to the goodness in Dr. Malone to do same. Can you find it in you to work it out amicably with Dr. Breggin? We are talking about good people all around.

I know Mr. Senger must have realized the error he made on Twitter by doing this publicly on Twitter against McCullough for there was a strong record by McCullough and the Tweets were wrong and not supported. He must have. I know Mr. Senger and he is a good person, as far as I am concerned, we have been on stage together, and I know that had he examined the record of McCullough properly, beforehand, he would have not tweeted what he did. So we all make mistakes. He did, but that does not mean you excoriate a person’s arc of their life. I will not do that. I still feel same for him, I still think he is a very good person, decent. A mistake was made. McCullough took the high road and turned the other cheek. We can all learn from this.

Yet beyond that, a dangerous precedent has now been set where law suits are being served and doctors and scientists will now sue each other if they disagree with each other. It is a dangerous precedent and will chill and stop any debate etc. and destroy the way science is meant to evolve. It has already begun.

One day soon I will ask Dr. McCullough personally, where he finds that grace and love and kindness for he has set a standard I/we are hoping would be followed. In this era of insanity.

My opinion, COVID has revealed the underbelly of filth across society, from conflicted corrupted pharmaceutical companies brining deadly injections that were not safety tested and were ineffective, to inept, corrupted, public health officials and alphabet health agencies, to negligent doctors who stood by as their patients died and refused to treat early, to people bringing a dangerous deadly mRNA injection, to some within the very Freedom Movement itself who have used it to enrich themselves and operate a ‘fun party’. No care for the population that were the real victims of fraud COVID lockdown lunatic policies. I saw the putridity and filth of it when I was on the floor in the Canadian Trucker and US Trucker convoys, where many groups latched on and raised loads of money off the trucker plight and enriched themselves, while the truckers and families got nothing. We see all these COVID ‘groups’ set up, these Projects really are a sham. A money making sham. A scam even. My problem in life is I am blunt. Too blunt. Yet I can defend it all day long if I have to.

We have children, mothers, fathers, our peoples, our police, military, nurses, border agents, even judges, key people to our society struggling with the ill effects, harms, and even deaths from the COVID mRNA gene injection. So we have to speak out.

In all this, people like Peter McCullough emerged as the type of leader we need in this great nation. In all of the COVID lunatic madness. And he is now joined by a champion, John Leake, brilliant writer. I only have praise for John.

I wrote this stack today because I wish to send a message that seeks really to focus on forgiveness. Apologies on both sides, forgiveness, and moving on.

I also include now the initial substack I wrote (in response to John Leak’s substack response to the Twitter statements by Senger).

Start here (prior substack) and I include it so that you see the record and what this is about and btw, that is Dr. Robert Malone sitting behind me on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when I spoke at Defeat the Mandates in DC:

Mr. John Leake (partner of Dr. Peter McCullough) penned this substack that I wish to share, calling into question Twitter language used by Mr. Michael Senger on Dr. McCullough; my remarks below

Dr. Paul Alexander

I am a senior fellow at Brownstone and Mr. Senger writes for Brownstone and so I wish to be respectful of Brownstone and Mr. Jeff Tucker. I am humbled just to be here on stack to write.

I think that the words used by Senger (a lawyer) were misplaced and very wrong, the words he used in his Twitter posting. There is no one save Dr. Harvey Risch and folk like Dr. Oskoui who have done more, with Dr. Ladapo and Dr. Urso and Jenny Beth Martin, and Dr. Lee Vliet, Dr. Lee Merritt, as well as Jeff Tucker, Dr. Breggin, and Dr. Scott Atlas, and myself (if I am allowed to mention me), in fighting the COVID tyranny from lockdowns to the fraud COVID gene injections. If we are basing it on writing and rallies and speeches and interviews. I even include Wolf and her tireless work.

I will add Bhattacharya and Kulldorff (and Gupta). I do not pretend to speak for any of these people. Tenenbaum, Sass, Hodkinson etc. Look, several others who stood up and put necks on the line, careers, and name, and lost near all. For those I did not name, I apologize, but you are there. This stack is just to defend a great American, McCullough over what I see as an unwarranted attack. As much as I detest and loath Berenson’s continued attacks on Dr. Naomi Wolf, very poor form, I will cite he was out early with us too, banging away. Berenson, check yourself on those attacks on Wolf and Kirsch yet you have been a warrior. Not needed, not warranted, and we can all feed at the trough and share the stage and inform. And I mean by this that there is room for everyone who wants to play a role in this freedom warrior fight. There is no need for any one person or groups to monopolize the cause and attack each other. This cannot be about disparaging another to get hits and likes and donor money and fame. No, never. This cause is way too important. We are trying to save lives.

Take for instance those hurt by the lockdowns and the fraud gene injection itself. The actual victims who had bad side effects or even died. They do not get the camera time nor interview time they deserve for they are the real victims. Yet overlooked, as an after thought. They have to fight to be heard while there is this feeding frenzy for camera and the like. It is actually perverse. The media people do not even pay them mind, they are not ‘sexy’ enough, their issue not important enough. And if by me saying this you rush now and grant some interviews, then that is a win.

This cause has devolved into one side that has done wrong for various reasons (and we want that dealt with) yet our side that seems to be in a constant feeding frenzy (with money on their minds of course, donor money) and in it, we use the forum to damage each other. Why?

I ask you to not belittle each other. We must fight this tendency and we are angry, yes, I know. I am. Especially when attacked on the putrid media platforms. And we react and I confess too we can be thin skinned. So much wrong was done and sometimes we get unwound. But there so much goodness here. We are doing the Lord’s work.

Do not attack each other, we have one dragon to slay. I want you in the fight and you do good. But tone it down. You attack good people, strong, contributing, marvelous people needlessly and wrongfully. Pick up the phone, write and email, no open forum attacks. Not good form. We all make mistakes, we can be wrong. I make mistakes. Far from perfect and please do not take this as me taking any leadership role, and ‘who the hell does he think he is to tell us what to do’. You would be right and if I could get my way to disentangle form this movement, I would. At times the behavior disgusts me. Ordinary mom and pop Joe out there helps us with their hard earned money yet for some, it is all they see. That is wrong. For some, its only about money and I ask, please rewire your head and understand why we began the pushback, and it is because gross was done to our societies, our nation, our peoples, and the world. And we are trying to fix it and get justice and accountability.

Stop the circular firing squad. Stop the playing the victim ‘oh I lost more than he lost so give me more’. Benefit derived in this fight must be the after thought, the win, the prize is the ‘help’, fixing and changing lives devastated by this madness lockdown and fraud gene injection lunacy.

This is not a race and let us stop the issue of who spoke to who first and who had who on their show and the like. Just stop it! This remains a very serious world altering event (COVID pandemic and the failed response) that we are still struggling with. We need all hands on deck. We must be statesmanlike.

Mr. Leake did a great job in his substack and I will not add to it yet the truth is that from day one, it was McCullough out there with us waging war on the malfeasants, with Jeff Tucker opening the way, as well as Trial site news (Daniel). We do not seek any leader but if one is to be named or showcased for the COVID freedom warriors, it would be Drs. McCullough and Risch. They actually fashioned an initial group to fight the wrongs. Yet we seek none. No leader.

Michael Senger was flat wrong and should have done his homework before attacking Dr. Peter McCullough. Dr. McCullough has been out front day one on all the issues Senger wrote about. I included in a prior substack a seminal paper McCullough wrote with me on lockdowns 2 years ago. So the record is there. Senger was wrong.

I think Senger’s words were offensive and wrong. Very wrong and he did not do his homework. Many folk called me and wrote me as they know I worked with McCullough on early treatment etc. and work with him daily. I admire Mr. Senger for his work on study of China etc. He is a Brownstone colleague and before now, I had only praise. I still do have praise for his capacity but we have to clean this up. I still have admiration. I think he is a stellar person. We cannot use Twitter and the like to hurt each other and I only write here to follow Leake and to help set the record straight for a good man. McCullough has a heart unlike most I know, decent, forgiving, compassionate. So lets move on and wish the best and stop this.

I too must learn to step back when I am attacked. I apologize and I am trying hard.

I am asking Mr. Senger to step back and consider apologizing to Dr. McCullough for his damaging words and let us move on! Sort it out between you two. Post on Twitter a correction. Huge hugs to all. That is it and call McCullough if you have issues. Call each other if we have issues. Talk, have tea, hug, cry, do all we need to do for fundamentally we are dealing with good people. Michael, please read the depth and breath of all McCullough has done and is doing before you write things like that. We are all human beings and make mistakes and hurt and this must be hurtful, for all you did was smear a good man.

The arc of your work Michael makes that you are not an ill-intent person and very decent. I feel so that you are very decent but this was wrong. A mistake. I do not know why and do not wish to make more of a discussion.

Come on Senger, you are better than that, smart, well thought out, so do not be like the crazies and COVIDian Taliban we are fighting against who ransacked and near destroyed our world.

Huge hugs my man Michael, I know you will resolve statesmanlike. You are that kind! Much love and respect!

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