Why did Lois Lerner get to retire with full pension & not investigated for targeting conservatives using IRS? You see, republicans are EUNUCHS, ball-less pusillanimous, deballed weaklings; talks good

by Paul Alexander

...talk to regain power, say they will 'do this & do that' & when they regain power, they become churchlike, 'oh we must be bipartisan', while the DEMS uses full power when in power to destroy them!

Did Trump come one term too early???? hhhhmmmmmm….in some sense yes! We could have that debate in another thread.

Democrats use the full power of the government and Justice department to go after any and everyone that they disagree with and threatens their thievery; the republicans, on the other hand, want to play house with them and ‘reach across the isle’, and dance around and be only selected to chair committees, are de-balled pink poisse hat people, weak, actually damages the cause. Do we give them back power? Can we trust them? I say NO!

It is better the repub-icans do not regain power in 2022 November, for I fear they will do so much crap 2022 to 2024, as they always do (recall, had POTUS, house, and senate in 2016…first 2 years disaster, nothing, well, agreed, there was the devil in flesh Paul ‘Benedict Arnold’ Ryan conspiring with McConnell against Trump, so I grant that) will not regain WH in 2024. Better to let the dems stay in control till 2024 and continue circling the drain and thus have a chance to regain all three levels in 2024. A 2022 mid-term victory now will show just how spineless and deballed the repub-icans really are and cost us 2024 as people will not want the stench of that.

Kerpen is right.