Why did the COVID Freedom Fighter Movement media (anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine) allow Robert Malone to craft a persona & narrative that benefitted him & not the public? Why have they refused to

by Paul Alexander

ask him questions? Is it donor money? threats? What? mRNA technology Nuclear translocation, reverse transcription to DNA, systemic distribution, harms, patents etc., why no serious discussion?

Why puff pieces and no serious journalism?

Are pockets being lined? Greased? Threats are at play? Threats to make donors pull money? I know it all and will not lay it all out here, I am doing it in pieces so here is another. One thing is for sure, donors have been given power over the COVID movement message and who to attack within the movement, especially if you question people the donor likes. Imagine that? Censorship and corruption inside the Freedom Movement.

Are we really dealing with attention whores and pure money whores? Have no interest in the health and well-being of the public, just enriching themselves? You know who I am talking about.

Why did the Freedom Fighter movement (anti-lockdown and anti-COVID vaccine) allow this farce to continue? Why allow someone, his group with Kariko and Weissman etc. parade about gaining money and fame over ‘I/we invented mRNA technology’ that is in the vaccine that is so deadly? Why up to this date, no serious interview by any serious reporter? No serious questions. How come? I can list 20 serious questions needing answers. Why is he not properly questioned? Nuclear translocation, reverse transcription of mRNA back to DNA, DNA plasmids, money from patents, mitochondrial damage, P53, toll like receptors 7 and 8 damage, development of tolerance, vaccine distributed systemically, severe harms from mRNA and not just LNP…I mean we have a serious list of questions of what Malone knew and when did he know it. Why can’t any media person ask him? Why did the inventors of the mRNA technology not invent an antidote to mRNA technology? Why across the last 2 years they did not quickly get to the lab if they really want to help humanity given it is their deadly mRNA that is the basis of the deaths and harms post shot? Just about horses? What madness!

“Sucharit Bhakdi explains in relatively lay language how persistent production of SP can be caused from reverse transcription, as well as ongoing production of bacterial proteins from the plasmids used in manufacturing of the ‘vaccine’, and the pathogenesis of turbo cancers.”    

“Bottom line: all the billions of the vaxxed may have been genetically modified forever as well as all their future progeny. “May have” means that an independent hyper-urgent investigation must be undertaken…This is extraordinarily worrying.“ – Dr Roger Hodkinson.

Bhakdi warned us that the integration of any foreign gene into your chromosomes can cause many pathologies such as cancer. Immediately. Why has Malone not been made to address these issues? The turbo aggressive cancers, massive metastasis, cessation of remission etc. Cancer diagnosis one day, dead the other. This never happened before these mRNA technology gene injections. It is his mRNA technology that underpins the spike protein that is so deadly.

You would be genetically transformed forever. Bhakdi said every cell that is genetically altered by the mRNA technology gene shot is doomed!



The media comprise some of the best and really good people, I grew to know as friends etc. Smart. IMO dedicated yet somehow the Malone show derailed everyone, IMO. They ‘lost their way’. I cannot find any one proper serious interview with the key questions that Malone has been asked to answer. Not one. And he is key. His mRNA technology that is the basis for the vaccine (and harms these very media rail about) is why we are still talking about all of this. Yet no one felt the need to ask him about an antidote? How it works? Why he did that? How to stop the mRNA action? Nothing? Just about horses and ranches and trips?

Why are and were they silent when he attack/attacks other people in media?

Shameful and harmful.

And you want the public to take you seriously? How come they sit silently as some ask questions yet get attacked by the Malone camp? Is it not good investigative journalism to look into this seeming bullying and threats? Something does not add up to me for it appears that they all fell victim to the lure of potential money and that is all. COVID to them is an enrichment scheme. The Freedom Movement became a joke when the Malone show rolled in.

A man tells you he invented the very thing that is killing you (a key ingredient) and you ask him nothing? No serious question? No unbiased reporter?

They have all failed to do their job and essentially helped hurt the public. The COVID Freedom Movement media (and I know most if not all and I was a darling to them until I questioned Malone about his deadly technology and the record is there I remind them) is an utter joke, a failure. Essential grifters and grafters too. It is so very putrid I want to really be no part of them and my fight now is ONLY on the side with the public to help them. To inform them. I am ashamed as to what they have become.