Why did we close parks & playgrounds in urban areas during COVID heights when it hurt impoverished children and youth most, knowing in terms of Outdoor Transmission of COVID, it was virtually zero (0)

by Paul Alexander

Why? Again, was it pure ineptness and stupidity or malfeasance by the health policy decision makers? I cannot believe that the data was there, they had it, yet refused to follow it.


Outdoor Transmission of COVID

“We identified all outbreaks involving three or more cases and reviewed the major characteristics of the enclosed spaces in which the outbreaks were reported and associated indoor environmental issues.

Results Three hundred and eighteen outbreaks with three or more cases were identified, involving 1245 confirmed cases in 120 prefectural cities. We divided the venues in which the outbreaks occurred into six categories: homes, transport, food, entertainment, shopping, and miscellaneous.

Among the identified outbreaks, 53·8% involved three cases, 26·4% involved four cases, and only 1·6% involved ten or more cases. Home outbreaks were the dominant category (254 of 318 outbreaks; 79·9%), followed by transport (108; 34·0%; note that many outbreaks involved more than one venue category). Most home outbreaks involved three to five cases. We identified only a single outbreak in an outdoor environment, which involved two cases.

Conclusions All identified outbreaks of three or more cases occurred in an indoor environment, which confirms that sharing indoor space is a major SARS-CoV-2 infection risk.”