Why is the Justice system targetting black supporters (Harrison Floyd) of Trump? Where is the congressional black caucus on this? oh sh*t, my bad, just too busy stealing tax payer money with the rest

by Paul Alexander

of congress! I understand, but why is the leader of Black Voices for Trump, the only one among former President Donald Trump’s 19 co-defendants to be denied bail in Fulton County? Blacks targetted?

I am a field negro! Proud of it!

Are they making an example of Harrison Floyd to blacks so they support Trump aka ‘45’? I do think so.

Blacks must reject this Cloward and Piven strategy too, these violent sick democrats, where every crime infested financial underwater broke Chapter 11 state, city, location in America has democrat elected people.

Are blacks turning to Trump? I think so, they recognize the filth and fraud and failure of the black leaders, the democrat party & its crimes, the failure of Biden (& Obama) for blacks for you know its really Obama running Joe’s government? You did, right?

Trump in one year, year 3 of his Presidency, did more for blacks than Obama did in 8 years, a pure failure! I think Malcolm X would have called Obama a ‘house negro’, not a field negro, he was punishing to the African-American, Obama was, a sell-out!

…yes Sir he is….& while you spit and fall of your chair you putrid banal, sniveling, fecal bottom-dweller media thinking to come at me for using ‘house negro’, go check your sh*t first, I had a x, x, x, or so grand-father as a real plantation slave in islands…you?, so calm to hell down on this, stop pulling flint from your navels, take a shower please for once, and yes, Obama is a house negro!

Jesse Jackson, a house negro!