Why is the transgender & LGBT agenda being promoted to children in schools? Do parents have any choice or say in the matter? In Christian Catholic schools too? Who is paying who? IMO this is not about

by Paul Alexander

intolerance etc., this is about madness and wokeness and agendas; somebody is paying somebody; this must not be forced down the throat of our children, this is 'GROOMING' state sanctioned




‘While the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario is one of many Catholic school boards promoting the LGBT agenda to children, parents are resisting and beginning to make progress.

An Ontario Catholic district school board has instructed staff to celebrate “pride” month in the classroom, claiming it is part of respecting “the dignity of all persons.”

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) informed staff that they must be “allies” of the LGBT community while outlining how to celebrate “pride” month in schools, according to a memo sent to LifeSiteNews by a teacher within the district.’

IMO, parents and students who go to these sort of schools must have the choice and now it appears that money will bend the churches, not just catholic, to the will and even to sick agendas. The transgender issue is one such. IMO filthy, disgusting, wrong, violative on so many levels. I have many gay friends, some are great and in many instances better human beings, but the issue to me is that there is some kind of twisted agenda to force this in the face of those not interested in it and not of that behaviour, and to mainstream this when children are too young and impressionable. Our role as parents and guardians is to make decisions and the best ones for the kids until they are mature and capable of their own. How far is this going to go? Is this normal? Somewhere in there this is now lost and ‘psychopathy’ is being mainstreamed. Transgender IMO is psychopathy. It is IMO deviant behavior, and I look at transgender males like Bruce Jenner and Lia Thomas (high profile ones) as would be rapists given the chance and pedophiles. I really do. I think it is perversion to the highest order and it is now beyond when Prince used to run around in his mommy’s pumps cross-dressing. This is getting serious.