Why would the FDA now approve a 4th Pfizer mRNA technology gene injection starting in infants 6 months old? 4 shots? starting in a 6 month old baby? why? so a 10 month old baby could have 4 shots?

by Paul Alexander

The amended authorization is for children six months through four years of age who have completed their initial three-dose vaccination with Pfizer's original shot; so baby can have mom's vax & theirs

So a 10, 11 month old could have 4 shots? Of a gene injection that does not stop transmission, infection, or replication, and is non-sterilizing/non-neutralizing, so confers no benefit and skews toward harms. An infant, young child, child, teen has a statistical zero risk of severe outcome or death from COVID. The data and evidence is irrefutable. No healthy child needs these, in fact, no child. So where is the scientific or medical basis for these 4 shots??? Remember also, when pregnant mother is vaccinated, it is as if baby in utero is vaccinated. So mom’s 2 at least, let’s say 3, plus 4 in baby plus in breast milk etc…