Will the 'real' Slim Shady please stand up, please stand up! Will the 'real' inventor of the mRNA technology or any aspect that went into the COVID mRNA gene injection platform please stand up?

by Paul Alexander

I have given this careful thought & it cannot be Dr. Robert Malone. Why? Because this mRNA technology gene injection LNP platform is harmful and kills & has killed adults & children! Devastating!

Whether male (s) or females (s), whomever, they have to come to the table and explain what was done, why it was done with this mRNA technology, how it works, how it harms, and how to turn the deadly effects off. Why would they even fathom thinking and doing this in the first place when it is clear they did not consider the safety implications to humanity, was it needed in the first place, and certainly did not test it for safety. Just ‘invented’. The real inventor of the mRNA technology, that is.

Will the 'real' inventor of the mRNA technology or any aspect that went into the COVID mRNA gene injection platform please stand up? Please stand up, please stand up! Please stand up! This mRNA technology has been so harmful and deadly that I will not believe that Dr. Robert Malone is involved in that! Can’t! So will the real inventor please stand up!

Firstly and no offense meant, but the reality is that this COVID pandemic was a fraud, it was never a pandemic, and the COVID response from governments as well as the Freedom fighter movement (US, Canada, wherever) from top to bottom, is based on one thing principally, it is about money and power and thus essentially it turns on whose ass do I kiss now or today to get some money; some donor money, that is, that could translate into some money, determines the extent of ass/butt kissing and smooching and games and I think it is repulsive and perverse. It has harmed the movement.

People were harmed and died due to the fraud deadly lockdowns and school closures and the mRNA technology gene injection yet some run around making this about themselves and enriching themselves, seeing how much and whose butt they kiss to get some shoutouts and the like and money. Major ugh ugh ugh! We have good police and military in Canada, US, judges, nurses, border agents, all over, who are vaccine injured, do not know the extent, that they could die and are at risk due to the mRNA technology, were mandated under threat of law and being laid off and disciplined refusing the shot, under forced vaccine mandates, and walk around vaccine injured, with silent myocarditis and many will die in time and have died, due to the damage from the fraud mRNA technology gene injection shot.

Dr. Malone is not malevolent IMO as other scientists and doctors (it is because of medical doctors we were misled and deceived by governments for the doctors sold us out for money and job and salary e.g. it is either I keep my high-paying job in this university or hospital or you, if I give you the exemption, I lose my job and you keep yours, so I chose to keep mine and does not matter that you go onto the breadline with mouths to feed and for some of you, you will hang yourself in desperation, but does not matter for me as a doctor, I keep mine…that is why we are here and I want as many of these doctors to be tried and imprisoned, imprisoned for the deplorable treatment of our loved ones in hospitals with sedation (midazolam and morphine), with toxic drugs, with dehydration, malnourishment, with high-cost profitable Remdesivir (kidney and liver toxic and a killer of our loved ones) and intubation and ventilation that blew up their lungs and killed them) and alphabet agency (public health) officials (from CDC, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE, NIH, HHS etc.) appear to be who have been involved with the COVID lockdown lunacy etc. The lie of the COVID pandemic that ‘could’. It was all a fraud and a lie and in that, Trump was right. A hoax.

So I argue it cannot be him. Cannot be that Malone is the real inventor of the mRNA technology.

I want to ask three (3) things for those involved so that the public is not confused:

i) that the term ‘gene vaccine’ not be used by all for it is really ‘mRNA technology’; the latter is the correct term for it is that, along with the LNP fatty ball that is the issue; maybe there are other ingredients in the ‘vaccine’ (finished product) that is injected into the deltoid but let us focus on the mRNA technology that really is the business end of this madness for it is what translates to the spike protein etc.

ii) do not say ‘not completely safe’ or ‘not properly safe’; that is a word salad play with words meant to confuse the public; either it is safe or not safe; cannot go from ‘not completely safe’ to ‘safe’ and that leads to the third point or ask

iii) stop saying ‘it was not tested for the right duration’ or ‘it was rushed to market’; we know that and we should just simply say what the core impact of it is for we are kind of saying ‘look, let us just take it off the market and test it and it will be fine’; no no no, the testing will show what we know in that it is deadly, so this also is misleading for you cannot test your way into compliance; even if the vaccine makers ran the studies for longer, the longer duration would have just shown up more adverse events, it would have not changed the key aspect or outcome, which is that it is unsafe. You cannot make something that is ‘unsafe’ then become ‘safe’ if all you do is test it longer. We wanted the longer testing to properly document the harms and deaths'; I guess what I am getting at is let us be very clear with our words here on, which is that this is an unsafe deadly mRNA technology gene injection platform and we knew that out of the gate; no matter how much testing, none of that would make it palatable and acceptable, it simply must be stopped!


This besides the original antigenic sin that operates (immune fixation, imprinting, prejudicing the recall antibodies to the initial prime or exposure, vaccine or infection), pathogenic/paradoxical priming (auto-immunity risk, see Lyons-Weiler), antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (or disease) if the induced high-affinity vaccinal antibodies get to full binding affinity (maximal binding capacity to the target antigen), can still recognize the virus, yet is a mismatch to the target antigen and so can bind, but not effectively to neutralize the virus (stop infection, transmission etc.) and so the antibody-virus complex become a problem as the entry of the virus into the host cell is facilitated, and viral immune escape. This is the range of catastrophic issues we face with this mRNA technology gene injection vaccine along with the emerging more infectious sub-variants/clades (and potentially virulent) and adverse events and deaths.

And so with that, I have reasoned that Dr. Malone cannot be the inventor of the mRNA technology no matter how many times it is stated (for money, props, shoutouts, substack mentions etc.) and for whatever reasons.

I do not think he would be involved in something that kills people and turned out to kill people as this mRNA technology has. This is my reasoning. For the mRNA technology has a role in killing people with more deaths accruing as we speak. So I have to conclude it cannot be him. I hope. I believe. For that person has contributed to death.

So I wish the real inventor to stand up so that I (and others who have asked a role in questioning) may interview him/her/them and ask some critical questions that have gone unanswered. Up to now. Many statements made about things not linked to the mRNA technology and the real questions await.

The real inventor will have to at some point be properly investigated and will have to answer questions under oath in proper legal tribunals and settings. Anyone to have done wrong must be accountable, does not matter to me, finances stripped and even imprisoned, if deaths are linked to any actions they took. Based on proper legal inquiries. So we need to investigate every single person linked to the mRNA technology gene injections, all the way to the pharma companies Pfizer, Moderna (Bourla and Bancel and Sahin), it’s CEOs etc.

The COVID gene injection technology or whatever you want to call it now with the word games being played, is the most critical issue we are dealing with. It has the potential to remain a slow kill biological weapon, some will say bioweapon. I tend to agree based on the bioweapons biowarfare training and knowledge and epidemiology etc. I have and have acquired, especially with my friendship with Dr. Donald Henderson out at Johns Hopkins in 2001 and after (short program I took in biological warfare, bioterrorism where DA taught). This gene injection etc. can alter society and the mRNA technology can devastate humanity if what we are seeing with reverse transcription back into human DNA is definitive. We need answers from the real inventor of the mRNA technology (or inventors) so society and humanity so to speak, knows exactly what is facing us.

The real inventor (s) has not spoken yet IMO. Or have they?

Will the 'real' inventor of the mRNA technology or any aspect that went into the COVID mRNA gene injection platform please stand up? Please stand up, please stand up! Please stand up!