William Hunter Duncan (Born on the Fourth of July); this snippet comes from a huge piece he wrote that I have in cue, but this section is so important I wanted it out there as a tee up; Duncan's work

by Paul Alexander

‘What is the mythological philosopher’s stone, of the great, mysterious alchemists?

You are.

Your body. Your consciousness. You are the connection to the divine, God, the creative source. Augmenting your body and consciousness with fancy high tech is a false promise, you don’t need any of that, you already have all you need, it is your birthright as human. Try saying, “I am the philosopher’s stone.”

You might have noticed, that is not what your betters believe about you. Much of this Covid-19 “pandemic” was about separating you from what makes you human. The masks, the social distancing, the suggestion that if we spend time together it is akin to killing people, the shaming of pregnant women to get jabbed, to mask while they nurse their babies, the keeping of children away from other children, the masking of them when they were allowed to be together, the “nudging” to get us to fear and despise and shame each other, the encouragement that we should think of ourselves as a plague upon the earth, the idea that salvation/security is in technology and handing over our personal sovereignty and freedom to technocrats, the constant attack on every tradition, on any given word on any given day, of the meaning that defines us, the censoring of anything not officially sanctioned as if we are too stupid to think for ourselves, the abusive gaslighting, the slandering of the “antivaxxers”, the cancelling, the ostracizing, the firing, calling us liars and misinformation operatives if we dare question the official narrative - the constant demoralizing mind fuck.

Technocrats, the bio-security pandemicists and transhuman global eugenicists want you to hate your humanity, hate your biology as a thing abhorrent, lose your useless eater life in drugs and entertainment media - trust The Science and get on your proverbial knees. The post-modern wokesters would emotionally stunt you and have you subsumed in the trans, non-binary collective, shame you as an oppressor/exalt you as a victim, reverse your order. Don’t breed for the sake of the earth. If you can’t get along, kill yourself. If you must live, you will do as we say. Take your shots. Don’t ask questions. Obey.

I prefer to embrace nature, celebrate biology, encourage and expand on my individuality, see myself as a kind of tuning fork for the divine, translator of the astral realm, like a tributary of the source of creativity. I prefer to trust myself, to know what is best for myself, I have no need for transhumanists, wokesters, technocrats, media or Intelligence Agents to tell me how to be. Our human biology is the culmination of four billion years of life on earth. I don’t need any high tech to see that, to find myself. The historical wealth of what I am in myself as myself is vastly more than any promise of the mistaken masses of any Age, least of all in the decline of a civilization.’