Wolf is agitating, jihadist middle eastern wolf, coming out, COVID is done, he is coming again to rape & stab, I warned you, now look, police stabbed Belgium "Belgian Police Officer Stabbed to Death"

by Paul Alexander

I warned you! The signs were there 1 year ago, the wolf hid just like you in the basement, now he is emboldened, COVID is done, he is flushed with stimulus cash; time to stab & rape your girls; MELONI

North African and middle easter jihadists, all those let in, must be evicted and removed from Europe else he will breed you out with 15 children all on welfare. Will attack you in a generation, inside your house and you will be the minority. It is jihad by invasion. Not ‘immigration’, no, ‘invasion’. Removed from the US. We had hoped Trump would have acted. At least the ‘intent’ was good. They are now coming in from Southern border. Be warned. Not only Wuhan Fentanyl coming up from there.

Be warned, arm your girls, arm yourself legally, protect yourself.


No sane nation would have taken in the 9th century wolf. None!

Why did the wolf have to stab this Belgian police officer? The wolf was doing it pre-COVID as we know yet Belgium and Sweden and Denmark and Norway etc. were good to the wolf, letting him in as per Merkel. We told you Europe built its funeral pyres and like Obama, took in the wolf to then kill itself. Europe is killing itself save for Meloni, lets see if she can save Italy from the wolf who is emerging.



“By Marine Strauss

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A police officer was stabbed to death on Thursday evening in the north Brussels commune of Schaerbeek, while another was injured, Belgian media reported on Thursday.”

As long as they do not tell you name, ethnicity etc. and say ‘authorities are investigating the motives” then you know 100% its a lie, they know, its cover up, its the wolf.