Woman, 31, catches Covid twice within three weeks in Spain Scientists report shortest known gap between infections in fully vaccinated healthcare worker; my analysis of this situation

by Paul Alexander

I lay out my views and ask you to weigh in for quite interesting...

SOURCE: Woman tested positive twice 

My views (note, she was fully vaccinated by the reporting, at least double):

1) the initial PCR positive test was over cycled (beyond 24 cycles) and not a bona fide positive or

2) the second test is over cycled and not a bona fide positive or

3) she never did recover first time or

4) the 15 or so mutations on the spike for OMICRON makes it a very different pathogen, different enough for immune escape; two entirely different pathogen

5) we are not talking about natural immunity breach, but natural INNATE first line defense immunity breach and then natural ‘acquired-adaptive’ second line of defense immunity moping up with recovery

6) we have strong evidence that the vaccine is creating havoc on the innate immune response and damaging it, damaging CD 8+ cellular response etc.

7) we have strong evidence that vaccination drives increased risk of infection via antibody dependent enhancement (ADE)/antibody mediated viral enhancement

8) my friend RO reminded me that one can test positive for 2 months post initial infection

So the story as reported is simplistic and meant to scare you to vaccine…

Don’t fall for it. consider your risk. IMO, this vaccine, mRNA etc. has shown that it is ineffective and not properly safe. IMO if advising my brother, then do not take it. IMO if 70 and under, and relatively healthy, no serious illness, you do not or did not need this. IMO no one needed this ever as we had early treatment.