Women (adult, middle-aged, teen), it is critical that you know COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine causes myocarditis, pericarditis & cardiovascular events in you TOO, not just in young males

by Paul Alexander

This is being overlooked by the media, medical establishment & by doctors who care for females & the question is why? It is imperative they explain risks versus benefits to women of the COVID vaccine

Why is the optimal health of females being sidelined this way? Females are at as much risk if not more then males due to the COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine. The science has matured and is telling us this. Be warned women, do not let the medical doctors fool you anymore!

Sideline before the re-focus on cardiac damage. Did you know that you as a female taking the mRNA technology gene injection, and you were pregnant, that the content, your vaccine induced antibodies as well as the mRNA, the toxic PEG, cationic lipids embroidered lipid nano-particles with the mRNA payload (LNP), and the vaccine en toto, crosses the placenta to the developing child in utero? Did you know that vaccinating you is as if the developing baby is being vaccinated? And the vaccine and spike etc. crosses into breast milk. We have the studies.

The same manner in which we have found spike and LNP and mRNA bio-accumulating in testis, ovaries, spleen, adrenals etc. is the same way it will bio-accumulate in the developing child. That the endometrium in the pregnant woman is ravaged and devastated by the spike protein and comes under attack by the immune system on the spike and the spike tears at he fragile endometrium, the most lush fertile capillary laden tissue and entity in the human body. God made it so to support the developing fetus. The most beautiful hospitable environment, lush.

Did you know that all your female child’s eggs are developed there, in the womb/tubes, rudimentary as they are, for the rest of her life. And the spike protein etc. damages and destroys this and thus do you understand that by you taking this very dangerous mRNA technology gene injection, that you are potentially preventing your girl child from ever having children? Her eggs are destroyed in utero. We argue that we will see a dramatic and are already seeing it in Sweden and many nations, a dramatic devastating decline in fertility and birth rates. Due to this deadly COVID mRNA technology gene shot. I stand on the shoulders of giants like Dr. Naomi Wolf and her Daily Clout Steve Bannon War Room research posse, Dr. Lee Vliet, Dr. James Thorpe, who are waging war to help women and children against this deadly shot.

Back to the cardiac risks.

This is not a democrat versus republican issue, this is not about black versus white, Christian versus Muslim or Jew or the like, no, none of that madness, this is about life, survival, being armed with the correct accurate balanced information for your personal informed decision-making. Women, insist and punish your doctors, the media, the medical establishment, write about them, speak out about them, shame them into compliance! Yes, they failed you by lying to you and the medical doctors should hang their heads in shame as to how much they sold their patients out for money and job security over that of their patients. The CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, HHS, Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, Bourla of Pfizer, Bancel of Moderna etc. These people failed us all and acted recklessly and dangerously to us. Their actions and policies costed lives and they must be held accountable.

Women, teen girls, all females, must insist that their doctors inform them about BOTH the benefits and the risks of the COVID mRNA technology gene injection! It is unacceptable that females are not prioritized and explained that the COVID gene injection presents as much risk cardio-vascularly in them as for males. Recall that the study I published from Basel Switzerland showed that females had far greater cardiac/myocardial lesions than males. It was a shocking study in terms of that finding for we have been drilled that the risk is 9:1 males to females yet data is emerging to question this and places massive risk in females as to the impact of the mRNA technology COVID gene injection, on the myocardium and pericardium of their hearts.

Women, be warned! Insist, force your doctors and medical system to prioritize you! Parents, if your teen girl got the jab, it is important that you rule out myocarditis (silent) before she takes the filed. Do not chance it.