Women have had it difficult for centuries in the west particularly in a patriarchal world, so why are the men in the west standing by while this transgender crap festers and develops? Why are men

by Paul Alexander

not defending women and running the fraud transgender crap out of Dodge? Why are parents too feeding into this crap your son is a boy at home in the morning and girl at school bullsh*t?

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F*ck your ineffective face masks, F*ck your fraud deadly mRNA Pfizer & Moderna COVID gene injection vaccine, F*ck your vaccine passports, F*ck your climate green scam, F*ck your digital ID & CBDCs
First, my mother is angry at me for this as my aunt called her to complain “did you hear what Paul wrote in his media posting?” Imagine that, my mom now is on my case. Yes, ‘the big Kill’ is coming and I credit my friend Dr. Hodkinson for coining this phrase. #diedsuddenly. Yes, why is ‘died suddenly’ one of the most searched up words in media today? Th…
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Where are the men? Have your nuts been stapled to your legs or glued on to your legs? Where are your stones, man? Why are you not standing up for your women and running these transgender freaks out of Dodge? How come you letting these transgender freaks come in and relegate women to zero now? Taking her place. Do you not understand the more you allow this fraud to mainstream the more your women have no place? She always had so much challenges in a sordid patriarchal world and now you have transgenders supplanting her and you are doing nothing? Nothing? What about this gender re-assignment bullsh*t fraud. What is wrong with Western parents? You are destroying your children. IMO.