Women who stay at home, homemakers, to maintain the home, the kids who are young etc.; why the hell can't we as a society compensate her, yes PAY her something for she has stymied her career

by Paul Alexander

IMO, women careers must not suffer because they are at home; if she can manage both then power to her but we must make it so when she steps out to start her family etc., her job is PROTECTED

and when she returns, she starts at least where she left off yet this too is not right; we must finesse the system in a way that she is advanced too; she has gotten older, lost time, yet gave time to the kids which is the most important role any human being can have, and so if she is out for 8 years so to speak, at least we can start her back with a 50% rise in position and advancement, including pay; she must NOT lose all around, we have to celebrate the sacrifice she made and the focus on the home by rewarding her, allow her to have her job back yet in an advanced position too, with pay to reflect, as time should not have stood still for her or handicapped her, NO NO NO!

Can we talk about this??? Please tell me your views! Male and female.