Word is Malone reads my substack voraciously to get the updated science by the hour & my views. I have been told he hangs on my every word & it makes sense now why he would want good sound data &

by Paul Alexander

interpretation. He is not an epidemiologist & my training is in evidence based medicine. I am not a chemist. Why thank you Malone, very nice of you & anytime you can't understand something, just slide

me an e-mail as you did prior. That is, before I started raising questions abut the mRNA technology. btw, please share the substack address to others, do not keep all that good information to yourself. I imagine you did subscribe for free as I make it free as default. Once again, huge hugs and love Dr. Malone for reading my substack.

I even know you are reading this tonight. ;-)

When you need some nuance on virology and immunology Dr. Malone, given I school under the father that you all sideline, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and he has been the sage and prescient one (and I study his work closely), I think I may be able to explain you a thing or two to help you understand a bit more. It will help you. Also as too why the mRNA technology vaccine failed, were ineffective, and deadly. Deadly out of the box but I guess you already knew that e.g. ADE and dangers you wrote of in January 2020 that you failed to share fully with the globe, but additional deadly because it drives infectious variants and also potentially, more virulence.

Let me close Dr. Malone with this: anytime, slide me an e-mail and oh, yes, you have my phone number, just text. I will be more than happy to help inform you what you do not understand about all of this, from lockdowns to the fraud mRNA technology gene injection.

Huge hugs