WORLD COUNCIL FOR HEALTH; Bath England; we speak tomorrow from 10 am EST on COVID; note, I am not travelling as I have a few kidney stones ugh ugh ugh and have been passing them and PAINFUL

by Paul Alexander

Told by urologist could not fly as heavily drugged right now on pain killers ugh ugh ugh but can talk (hopefully); thank God I did not fly as today was very difficult; like passing WATERMELONS

Truth be told I have been working away on this the last week in vicious pain at times…I have no way to explain…some of you may know what I am talking about….Monday, on my way back from Albany, NY, after the Kennedy rally on no COVID vax for kids when I talked/presented with Dr. Harvey Risch, I was so drugged up, got my queen to stop at a McDonald’s to pee, and I thought I was about to pass out in the men’s room, the pain was brutal…I passed one there, at McDonald’s…ha ha, they got one of my stones…was like the eye of the storm after…for that one…a baby watermelon…