World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st 2023); I cannot forget my good friend Dr. Byram Bridle & his son, as well as Scott Schara, the father of Grace killed in hospital via COVID protocol; both Scott &

by Paul Alexander

Byram have been raising their children who were born with trisomy; see (for Grace); Byram and Scott's kids were born with Trisomy; spectacular parents

COVID Chronicles
Happy World Down Syndrome Day!
March 21 = 03-21 = trisomy 21 = Down Syndrome My youngest son has a superpower. His superpower is known as ‘Down Syndrome’, though there is nothing down about it. It confers upon him the ability to accept people for who they are, with no judgement, and with lots of love and hugs. This is because he has an extra chromosome in his cells; the ‘love chromoso…
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‘Grace Schara


By Julie Grimstad
March 21, 2023
A joyful heart is the health of the body,
but a depressed spirit dries up the bones.
~ Proverbs 17:22

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.

Few babies with Down syndrome and other chromosome disorders survive the womb. Most of them are victims of abortion, an evil permitted by a culture that measures the value of life in terms of “perfection” and “the ability to contribute to society”. Nevertheless, the families of children with Down syndrome and other chromosome disorders almost universally state that their children bring them immense joy. Surely bringing joy, in a world gripped by so much depression, anxiety, and anger, is one of the greatest contributions to society that anyone can make!

Meet Amazing Grace

Recently, I received a call from Scott Schara, the father of Grace. Scott explained how his 19-year-old daughter who had Down syndrome was killed in a hospital that followed the government’s Covid treatment protocol. The tragic story of her death and the beautiful story of her life are both told on the website This website was created “to help wake us up to what’s happening in many hospitals today and turn us to the only One who can truly fix this mess.” That is an extremely important message. I urge you to visit Grace’s website and learn more. However, today is a day to celebrate the lives of people with Down syndrome and Grace’s brief life is truly worth celebrating.

Grace was the heart of her family. Her mother, Cindy, wrote in her obituary, “She had a way of brightening up a room just by her presence. Many have told us they will miss her bright, contagious smile, her happy laugh, her silly antics as she was always trying to sneak up behind someone, her sharp mind and her generous nature. Those things and so much more will be hard to live without. Having Grace here with us was like having a bit of heaven on earth.”

Standing with the Down Syndrome Community

Today, HALO stands with the worldwide Down syndrome community, seeking full inclusion for people with Down syndrome in all areas of life. In particular, because of HALO’s special concern for the medically vulnerable, we advocate for better access to good medical care, as well as protection for the lives of people with Down Syndrome, born and preborn.’