WSJ's Finley: "Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants? The virus appears to be evolving in ways that evade immunity."; Duh! Yes, Yes, it's the VACCINE, stupid! I, GVB, others, have been saying this 2

by Paul Alexander

years, to STOP the fraud ineffective, sub-optimal mRNA-DNA gene injection! Yes, mutations enable it to evade antibodies from prior infection & vaccines, because it's selecting for infectious variants

‘It isn’t clear that XBB is any more lethal than other variants, but its mutations enable it to evade antibodies from prior infection and vaccines as well as existing monoclonal antibody treatments. Growing evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB and could be fueling the virus’s rapid evolution.’

Duh? Is the CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID and these idiots so very idiotic? Bourla and Bancel? Or do they know the fraud they are pulling and assume we are that stupid. Which is it? For folk like me have been telling them all along the bogus junk illogical WRONG actions they are taken, led by GVB’s brilliance. None of this is new to us! Go back and read what we have been saying!


Yes, we have written, I have written, we have said that strong research by Fantini et al. and Liu et al. indicates that the COVID gene injection is giving the virus infectious properties it did not prior have and causing the vaccinee to become infected, get ill, and many die! We have been saying this near 2 years now because we understood the role of mounting sub-optimal immune pressure, in concert with massive infectious pressure, when using a non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing (mismatched) vaccine as the COVID vaccine. We knew that selection pressure will select for more infectious variants and that the pandemic will not end. We knew the end would be infectious variant after infectious variant.

Case in point, just quickly glance over this prior substack by me, look at the language and warning:

Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter
'XBB.1.5' is the new United States grand-daddy sub-variant now displacing BQ.1.1 & BQ.1 & BA.5; XBB.1.5 based on CDC data today accounts for 40.5% proportion; Vanden Bossche, Hodkinson, I, we warned
The pace at which XBB.1.5 is (has) supplanting (supplanted) BA.5 and BQ.1.1 etc. is staggering. Moreover, indications are that it is the vaccine that is driving the variants (Fantini et al., Liu et al.), not the virus. Yes, viruses mutate readily and spontaneously (due to the unstable genetic copying mechanism etc.) yet it is the added pressure by the v…
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