Wuhan again? Oh no, ZERO-COVID lockdown lunacy again in Wuhan? Did Wuhan not do enough with it's lies in 2019 & 2020 to spook Trump? "GROUND ZERO Wuhan plunged back into lockdown almost three years...

by Paul Alexander

...after first Covid case with 800k in quarantine amid spike in cases"; CHINA has plunged 800,000 people in Wuhan back into lockdown; Beijing is taking a no-tolerance approach to the virus; MADNESS!

I wonder how all the Fentanyl precursor chemicals etc. (used to make finished Fentanyl that enters US through the Southern border that kills Americans e.g. 100,000 per year and US high level government officials and elites must be financing and ensuring safe passage etc.) are still produced while in all these lockdowns. Must be very difficult for the Chinese. Boy it must be tough! Hats off to them.




Chinese leader Xi Jinping - who was this week made "Emperor for Life" - is using what has been dubbed as the "world's strictest lockdown" to control his citizens.

Wuhan has now joined 27 other cities under varying levels of lockdown rules - with nearly 210million people impacted by the restrictions.”

China will never get out of this situation and have harmed their population. Locking down like this damages functional immune systems (places people at risk for a range of illnesses when this madness ends) and places the pathogen under selection pressure. You can never ever lock down your way out of this and get ahead of a mutable respiratory virus such as this. Ever. This is lunacy. You can never ever tame a pandemic and get to herd immunity if you do not cut the chain of transmission. The COVID vaccines have all failed and does not do this.

All China needs to do is:

i)strongly protect your vulnerable and elderly, double and triple down protect

ii)use vitamin D3 supplements

iii)use early treatment as needed (combined sequenced multi-drugs anti-virals, corticosteroids, and anti-coagulants) as well as chemoprophylaxis that have been shown to be safe, effective, cheap, and available (never ever forget Zev Zelenko)

iv)use nasal-oral washes to destroy the virus in the nasal-oral passages (povidone-iodine 10% diluted 3 spoons in 500 ml distilled or boiled water, as well as hydrogen peroxide (oral) again all diluted and swish and spit, no swallow, 3-4 times per day where virus is circulating or there is risk of exposure; this kills the virus or similar pathogen that hides up in the gumline and the back of the throat)

v)allow the vast majority of the well, healthy, younger, middle aged and even older who are low risk to be free, to live normal lives, to be naturally and harmlessly exposed to pathogen as a consequence of natural daily living, no lockdowns, no school closure, no mass testing or quarantine etc. Nothing. Take reasonable common sense decisions based on the risk involved.

Oh well, maybe China will stop and listen.

But they can try all they want, Americans ain’t falling for it this time.