XBB.1.5 omicron sub-variant clade, I wrote about in prior stack (see below); NBC article below shows how idiotic these people are, Bogoch of Toronto, Rick Bright, dumb, it's the VACCINE stupid!

by Paul Alexander

Of course XBB is evading the vaccinal antibodies you morons, have you ever heard of original antigen sin (immune priming/fixation)? Recall antibodies is to legacy initial strain! Bivalent CAN'T work!

It has always been the vaccine, stupid! Not this virus, for the vaccine is giving the virus the infectious properties it prior did not have. And the sub-optimal non-neutralizing vaccine could also give the virus virulent properties it prior did not have.

This article shows you what this is and has been all about, it’s about pushing the fraud gene mRNA/DNA failed deadly injections. These inept and corruptible public health and vaccine maker ding dongs know the bivalent booster cannot work and that these dimwits, these malfeasants pushing the booster will only drive further sub-variants with a leaky ‘imperfect’ vaccine. They know that there will be natural selection pressure and thus selection of the most infectious variants (those fittest and with a competitive advantage) that could overcome the induced vaccinal immune pressure (vaccinal antibodies) and which will subsequently become dominant and even replace XBB.1.5. Each new sub-variant is potentially of greater infectiousness than the prior.

I wonder if these idiots at CDC and NIH and FDA and PHAC and Pfizer et al. are not seeing that these sub-variants etc. are emerging in the nations with the greatest vaccine rates (high vaccine nations have high infections, re-infections, hospitalizations and deaths post vaccine), and those with very rapid vaccine roll-outs. Yes, the speed of roll-out is a key overlooked factor in the emergence of variants. Reminding you that if you did that and prevented the induced vaccinal antibodies from gaining its fully binding affinity (maximal binding affinity maturity), that there will be pressure on the binding sites (epitopes) on the target antigen (in this case the spike protein) and natural selection will rule and there will be emerging infectious variants (and a potential virulent one).

I am sharing a coming substack of two key studies showing that when the infection enhancing (facilitating), non-neutralizing vaccine induce antibodies bind to the N-terminal domain, it causes conformational changes and the receptor binding domain (RBD) then goes into the ‘up and out’ position, effectively de-masking the RBD and increasing the infectivity of the virus. The binding site (RBD) can then more readily and effectively interact with the ACE-2 receptor on host cells and this gain entry for infection. This helps explain at least in part, why the virus is infecting the vaccinee (and re-infecting them) so very readily post vaccination. It helps explain antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) as this is ADEI, the way I understand it.

Bottom line now is that the induced antigen-specific vaccinal antibodies are non-neutralizing, non-sterilizing (key is do not cut the chain of transmission) and they enhance or facilitate infection in the vaccinee (ADEI and as described above) and this is a devastating situation. Sterilizing immunity for our discussions and principally means the ability to stop transmission.


These eggheads at CDC and FDA and PHAC and Health Canada know that virus is still circulating and as such that elevated infectious pressure, coupled to a vaccinal antibody that is mismatched to the target antigen (and sub-optimal and not at full binding affinity), will ONLY result in original antigenic sin (recall of the initial prime or exposure antibodies), viral immune escape, and dangerously, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and/or disease in the vaccinated. That the variants are increasingly becoming resistant to the induced vaccinal antibodies. They at CDC, NIH, PHAC, SAGE etc. know natural selection pressure will drive new variants. But they do not care. They are doing this. I say again, they cannot be that stupid! At least I hope for then this will be pure malfeasance and I am leaning there.

They know and know exactly what they are doing. They know that we will be facing a succession of increasingly more infectious sub-variants, one after the other and with the likelihood that a future sub-variant, driven by the sub-optimal COVID gene injection, could be devastatingly more virulent and lethal (and infectious at the same time), threatening humanity.

They have devised this so that you never ever come off of boosters and that they can keep variants emerging and that this will call for the constant re-instatement of the emergency declaration powers. What they are doing by pushing this ‘variant’ driving injection will keep the emergency powers in place. This pandemic, based on all they have done and will do, will last 100 more years, unless this fraud gene injection is stopped. Or the infectious pressure is removed.

CDC, as usual, late to the game.

‘Studies performed in the lab have found that XBB is capable of evading antibodies from previous Covid infections or vaccinations, meaning that being exposed to the virus would mean someone is more likely to get sick or reinfected and show symptoms. 

“It’s clear that there’s immune evasive properties of XBB,” said Dr. Isaach Bogoch, an infectious disease physician and epidemiologist at the University of Toronto. “That’s been demonstrated both in laboratory studies and seen clinically in cases and hospitalizations.’

Duh! The writers of the NBC article are inept, incompetent, unsound, as well as the buffoons who commented in the article, and they demonstrate that they do not understand the science, the immunology, the virology, and certainly not the evolutionary biology.


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