Yahoo News: 'New Covid vaccines (XBB.1.5) are on the way as 'Eris' (EG.5) variant rises'; in simple, these beasts keeping this going forever, the XBB.1.5 gene shot will FAIL; MISMATCH with EG.5 spike

by Paul Alexander

original antigenic sin (recalled antibodies to legacy Wuhan that's gone & now mismatch); they know it, Pfizer etc. that selective pressure + infectious pressure & sub-immune pressure drives variants

They know that as long as there is circulating virus, that the vaccine induced Antibodes will not get the space and time to arrive at full binding affinity, full maximal maturation and as such, will only bind weakly to the target antigen, and as such will pressure the virus but not sterilize/neutralize it, and thus viral immune escape will result and variants will be selected that could overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure and thus there will be infection and re-infection. The danger is the XBB.1.5 vaccine onto a mismatched EG.5 spike could drive further emergence (will drive0 of more infectious variants, clades and one or two could be lethal, virulent and threaten humanity.

Thus the reporting here is garbage and dangerous for the reporters and the moronic reporters even experts they bring on under-estimate and disregard the evolutionary biology (the dance and interplay between the virus and the population immune response where they both press back on each other and respond to each other) and result when you mismatch vaccine to antigen (as we did prior and are doing again) and you have ongoing infection (massive infectious pressure with circulating virus) while you role out a vaccine that imposes only sub-optimal immue pressure (mounting from the population) and what we can call ‘non-lethal’ pressure on the target; the virus will evolve and adapt and respond to this ‘weak’ non-lethal pressure and select (Darwinian natural selection) the variants that are fittest and could overcome this sub-optimal pressure, and they will become enriched in the environment and become dominant. Again, consider if a lethal variant is selected. Lethal and infectious. So far we have been dealing with infectious clades and these demons who are doing this (Boula, Bancel, Sahin etc.) know that this is a real risk and not only theoretical.

In other words, this is a clusterfu*k disaster in the making and if this keeps up, we will have this ongoing for another century. These beasts know what they are doing, they cannot be that stupid. Or can they?