Yahoo reporting on this? What? Yahoo? Leftist putrid duplicituous Yahoo? Its because this is bubbling & Makis & myself & McCullough & Risch are raising needed questions (& Thorp); pilot dies in flight

by Paul Alexander

This is the mRNA technology gene based COVID vaccine with the mRNA technology made by Kariko, Weissman and that other fellow, you know who, & vaccine made by Sahin, Boula, Bancel, killers!!!!

An airline pilot died after collapsing in the bathroom of a Miami to Chile flight with 271 passengers aboard.

Captain Ivan Andaur began feeling unwell three hours into the LATAM Airlines flight from Florida to Santiago and after collapsing in the bathroom he received emergency treatment from the crew, reported Simple Flying.

The flight took thirty minutes to divert to Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport and first responders declared Andaur, a 25-year veteran pilot, dead when the plane landed.’


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