Yamamoto et al.: "Persistent varicella zoster virus infection following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination was associated with the presence of encoded spike protein in the lesion"; means mRNA & spike remains!

by Paul Alexander

CDC, NIH, FDA lied to you! They are devastating liars and this is why the CDC recently removed the lies from it's website (see substack below) that the mRNA & spike does not remain in your body

Before you read this report, I must again state that these COVID gene injections that have been shown to be ineffective and harmful, MUST be stopped for everyone! None in children! The mRNA gene platform injection was and is very harmful, devastating. Something is not right with it and the vaccine makers did not conduct the studies for the proper duration so as to exclude harms. The FDA failed us. All of these people must be investigated and jailed if we show deliberate or reckless wrong! Too many have died as a result. Start with Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla, and Bancel.

Case report findings:

“mRNA COVID-19 vaccination might induce persistent VZV reactivation through perturbing the immune system, although it remained elusive whether the expressed spike protein played a pathogenic role.

Conclusion: We presented a case of persistent varicella-zoster virus (VZV) infection (causes chickenpox) following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination and the presence of spike protein in the affected skin. Further vigilance of the vaccine side effect and investigation for the role of SP is warranted.”


“The detected SP in the affected skin in our patient has never been described before. Indeed, the vesicular keratinocytes and the underlying dermal endothelial cells in the vesicle lesion expressed the SP. In addition, the SP was also found in the endothelial cells in the vasculitis lesion. Although the pathogenic role of the SP in the lesion remained unclear, a plausible hypothesis was that the stabilization of RNA by substituting methyl-pseudouridine for all the uridine nucleotides for BNT162b2 might result in long-time pro-duction of the encoded SP from any cells, persistently affecting the microenvironment for the protective immune system including the skin.”

This statement above is critical for it is the substitution of pseudouridine for uridine nucleotides that we have written about extensively in prior substacks. Helped stabilize the LNP complex (with PEG) and the mRNA genome and helped hide it (mRNA) from the body’s immune system.

You read this disturbing study below for it shows you what I and other scientists who are fighting the COVID vaccine fraud lies have been saying, that the mRNA and spike protein remains in you maybe even life-long. There is no ‘off switch’. The mRNA does not work as a ‘one-off’ and dissolved by cellular enzymes (RNAses) soon after the spike is translated. The mRNA remains churning out spike protein and the spike is going all over the body and is catastrophic to the blood brain barrier and the blood lung barrier. We have seen by the Patterson group of spike 16 months post infection and the CELL Roltgen study showed us spike in the body 2 months post injection.


Persistent varicella zoster virus infection following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination was associated with the presence of encoded spike protein in the lesion