Yasmin Vossoughian, MSNBC reporter, we pray for you for full recovery God speed, yet she uses her podium to tell us she got myocarditis, got very ill, but was from common COLD, NOT COVID injection

by Paul Alexander

This is the fraud we live, they knew it will leak, her doctor has zero, no credibility, none for what he & others did with COVID; I/we do not buy it

None of her doctors once indicated it could be due to the vaccine and this is sub-optimal and derelict on their part. Is her doctor deranged and averse to the possible truth? Are they reading the data and science? Do they understand the data? It seems not.

IMO she is and was hospitalized (more than likely and I do not write as a cardiologist yet all that I have learnt about what this gene shot does to the heart) due to myocarditis (tamponade where fluid must be drained out) from the vaccine, not the common cold. She was vaccinated. See TWITTER post on her vaccine status. So you cannot rule vaccine out. This can potentially be a large pericardial effusion with early tamponade physiology. Bear in mind she was double vaccinated (and maybe more) as per sharing below.

This case below of an 18-year old with cardiac tamponade is near exactly her (Yasmin’s) case of cardiac tamponade:

Case Report

‘A previously healthy 18-year-old man presented with fever, pleuritic chest pain, and shortness of breath 3 weeks after receiving the first dose of a COVID-19 mRNA-based vaccine. The patient was found to have a large pericardial effusion with early tamponade physiology requiring pericardiocentesis.

Why Should an Emergency Physician Be Aware of This?

As COVID-19 vaccination becomes more prevalent globally, physicians should be aware of pericarditis as a rare but potentially serious adverse reaction. Although a direct causal link cannot be demonstrated, we present this case to increase awareness among emergency physicians of pericarditis as a rare, but potentially serious adverse event associated with COVID-19 vaccination.’

The truth is coming out slowly but it is coming indeed, in this era of ‘DYING BEFORE DAWN’ and ‘DIED SUDDENLY’; I do wish her full recovery for her and her family.

First, let me tee this up so the landscape is properly informed:

So she was vaccinated, not that it is my business but in this era, it sure is if you come to the public forum to try to tell the public it is not vaccine linked. Your doctor lied to you. He even mentioned ‘idiopathic’ so he goes that far, knows he cannot rule out vaccine so saying he does not know. If she was vaccinated and he does not know the reason, then you/he cannot move vaccine from the table.

I am not her doctor but I have no faith in these television fraud doctors, all of them, incentivized as they were across COVID and their complicity has worked to harm people with their lockdown lunacy, denial of natural immunity and the fraud mandated shots. We are in this situation because of medical doctors who were incentivized to go with the government lunacy.

This is a private issue and her laboratory tests will define the etiology and we do not have access to that. But I do not buy it, she used her public platform to tell us something that could be truthful or inaccurate (I will not say she is dishonest for she seems at the mercy of her doctors who are misleading her) and I am not saying she lied, I am saying she is being likely bull shitted by her doctors. So I use my public platform to say I/we do not buy it. With more we can know for sure if it was a cold or vaccine and we cannot get that. So for me, I lean to vaccine. IMO.


We do not buy what this doctor says, and until he explains how he had the views he had on natural immunity, denial of early treatment, and helping facilitate the fraud mandated COVID injections, then what he says to me, and it is only my view, it is garbage. Sorry.

She must change doctors and find one who will tell her the truth. Something does not add up here.

Again, thank God you are alive and for your family. Praise God!