Yep, a US election (midterms) are on the way, so China lockdowns; what a sweet formula these untermensche have set up; CNN & FOX et al. are broadcasting, every single statement is pure rubbish & lies

by Paul Alexander

CNN & FOX are trying now to help scare you with Shanghai's lockdown; See what Philadelphia just did with indoor masks? This is pure absurdity; China is at it again, called on by Fauci

It is really this simple, if CNN & FOX et al. are broadcasting, every single statement is pure rubbish & lies, ZERO is true e.g.

Nothing the news media says, and I mean nothing, is the truth. Zero.

China is insane now, but were they ever not insane? They put out the image of the guy dropping dead early 2020 that spooked the world, and never ever did we see another instance of this? why, COVID never operated that way. It was staged, all of it. Now placing millions under lockdown and mass testing when we know this is bogus and false. Why? No to scare their people, they dont give a rats ass about their people, thats what living in a communist nation is. Its about scaring you in the US. The midterms are coming, so Fauci et al. needs all the people and institutions and scientists he gave US tax payers money via the NIH for all these decades, the grand piggy bank of being bought off, to come out again to perpetuate the lie. This is all made up again, and maybe, just maybe, you will fall for it again. So all I can say for sure today is, a US election is coming. I know this by the pandemic lies on CNN and FOX.