Yes, it could be discrimination & the black impoverished hoods fared worse in Buffalo snow-ice storm, as we saw in COVID too, yes, deep structural issues; this is because of DEMOCRAT control, they do

by Paul Alexander

not care for black or brown people, republicans do not either; I sat in ER of NY Hospitals, saw illegals Southern border getting care before whites with blacks NO care! 2 photos, know the difference?

the top picture is on the East Side of Buffalo

It may be too early to understand what really happened here in Buffalo and why so many deaths. Is there a differential by ethnicity? Is it structural? Baked in? I know many police and firefighters etc. in Buffalo region and these are among the best. I will never blame them nor engage anyone in that, yet their hands could have been tied by the often insane illogical and corrupted Albany politicians. Was the equipment correct? Did they have what was needed to respond with?

How could this level of death happen? Did the population simply not take the warnings seriously? Did they even get the warnings? Did they know?

I share this one set of photos and ask a question. But let us wait. Let the data come in. We must now mourn for the dead. I must give a shout out to WBEN radio station, Bellavia and Bauerle etc. for they were very helpful keeping the State and communities up to date and information on how to help.


We have it this way, republicans really do not care for the colored people, the poor in society, they do not, yet I saw a difference in Trump. I even see it in DeSantis, a different ‘better’ breed. Trump really helped blacks when Obama had 8 years and did nothing for them but pose. So you have one party that really does not care, and the other party just pimps off the black vote and works to keep them trapped in the hood forever. Suffering. Devastated. For the vote. A party that was for segregation and were formers of the KKK. Yes, democrats. Incredible as it sounds. Which is worse though? Not caring or pimping? Is there any way out for the poor and colored folk in New York, in Buffalo? I ask you. And when a half decent republican or libertarian comes around, you are quick to say they do not care. Huh? 50-60 years on the democratic slave and economic plantation, is it not time to give some one else a try at bat? Cannot get any worse.

Remember what ‘The Great Society’ did to African Americans? This ‘help’ devastated them after 100 years of them working up and out of the harms of slavery etc. Not just similar to non-blacks but outpacing all ethnic groups on most socio-economic indicators. On their own they were surging, yet along comes the democratic President Johnson and his ‘Great Society’ madness plan and aim and success in breaking the will and back of the African American.

Run far African Americans, run far from democrats and some republicans. At times tow of the same.

Big shout out again for that radio station IMO, WBEN out of New York (dial 930 on am), what I heard out of them, likely saved many lives! I will gives that station a prize, and award. I praise many people from Buffalo and surroundings, decent humanity laden people, who risked life and limb to help their fallen in this snow and ice disaster of December 2022. Huge love and praise. I would fire Hochul, Mayor Brown, Poloncarz, every last one of them! A bunch of clueless idiots. Failed Cuomo for his politics, may have even responded better.

And after 18 republican Senators sold us down the river (and tied the hands of the incoming house congresspeople) by voting for the fraud 1.7$ trillion omnibus ‘pork’ kickback bogus contracts bill, then we truly have a uni-party of high-crime bandits and in the Senate.

Let us mourn the dead, so tragic!