Yes, it is the mother, the mothers of America that will save the US child from these vaccines, sadly, a few will need to die first & then they will BRING it, US mom will save the world, she is bad ASS

by Paul Alexander

Mom before for she was caught sleeping, think the schools and the unions with the complicit corrupted CDC were not trying to destroy her child; now she is AWAKE, she is 'coming to tear shit up'

…there is no boundary between us if you mess with my kids…You mess with our kids, you got a world of hurt coming for you this fall.


Torba (I tweaked to broaden):

The parents are awakened and enraged. It's so over for the Regime. We're going to systematically take over every local and state government. All of it. Then we're going to indoctrinate the next generation with proper values, including back to their faiths. para



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