Yes, it's February 21st, 2022 and yes Cat, Happy President's day, this glorious day to all our troops and yes, our police, and fire fighters and all our tremendous people who serve; better than us all!

by Paul Alexander

See who is being sought after? I have hit him for failure to fire Fauci & Birx & being conned with these dangerous vaccines by Azar the fraud et al, make no mistake, he has gonads like church bells

YES, I support Trump…

and he is not perfect, no one is, and he made mistakes, some big, but he will need explain that but we need the likes of him to finish this and fix this insanity we now live…one more rounds to mandingo the joint, tear it up, bring the CDC and FDA and NIH and all those agencies, FBI too, down to the studs and fumigate them, move them to Alcatraz, 5000 miles north to the tundra, move them, no more comfortable lives, you want to serve, well you SEVRE, no perks and jail all who did wrong, even in his inner circle, jail all, once we have proper inquires, he must be willing. and fix this govn and nation and corruption once and for all…we must be willing as people to see our own elected officials and congress people and senators and no matter how high up, how connected, we must see them in orange jump suits too…it aint only the blue collar or poor man who commits crime…no no no, we need now to go after the real players.