Yes, its 'Women's history month'; I will give a posthumous award to Rosalind Franklin, she was sidelined in DNA science & actually, Crick & Watson stole her work; the Nobel is hers, time to right this

by Paul Alexander

It should have been known as the Franklin-Watson-Crick Model of DNA; her x-ray diffraction was key to solving the double helix and these 2 crooked scientists stole her work and fame

One year later, in 1953, Watson and Crick made scientific history by publishing a new model of the DNA code, including the crystallography photograph and Franklin’s research. Wilkins was included as one of the researchers. Rosalind Franklin was not credited for her contribution — or even mentioned.

Time to right this wrong, this was an example of a woman who was stellar and denied her victory, like many women, maybe not just equal but superior to us men who can’t seem to do anything other than make war…

She died before it was even known that it was her work and these men never really set the record straight…they took all the credit…shame on them.

Read about Rosalind when you get time. DNA really belongs to her, the discovery and mapping and not to Watson & Crick. That double-helical model it was due to her work.

Many women are sidelined and abused this way, do not get the equal respect and recognition they deserve, denied their places. Strong wonderful women.

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