Yes, SSRIs, COVID lockdowns, isolation, opioids, cannabis, and many other factors, but one thing is for sure, under no condition (zero) must the 2nd amendment be touched, NONE! your daughter

by Paul Alexander

All is debatable but the 2nd; remember, like Pulse, like BATACLAN, like San Bernardino, like Fort Hood etc., they let the wolf in, now the wolf is here; remember, Sweden is rape capital due to wolf

The 2nd today is about your daughters and grand daughters….Remember always, what the wolf did at the BATACLAN…remember the extremist wolf….your 2nd is to protect your daughters from the wolf…if the 2nd was taken down, the US will become like Sweden and Belgium and the like, rape capitals…where your daughters and grand daughters will not be safe outside after 6 pm.

Sweden rape: Most convicted attackers foreign-born, says TV

The wolf tortured 100 and killed them at Bataclan, and what they did to the patrons on the 2nd floor is unspeakable…castrated males, stuffed balls into their mouths as they disemboweled them, disemboweled the females and stabbed up their genitals…I will not write it all here….what the wolf did to the female patrons was inhumane and depraved…


so remember the wolf and Bataclan in France….when you consider the 2nd amendment being touched. The wolf wants that. Yearns that. So that you be defenseless against them. The wolf does know that if they pushed you, the American too far, you will discipline them…so keep your 2nd…properly stored, well trained on handling, legal, permitted etc. Law abiding. Good governance societies. All things correct. But keep it close for the wolf and from time to time, introduce the wolf to the 2nd when they act a fool. Whenever the wolf acts up and ,the wolf could be whomever. Whomever that would threaten your life and that of your loved ones. Never ever allow the 2nd to be touched!

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Remember, what I and Jeff Tucker have said about the COVID lockdowns and yes, opioids use, weed, SSRIs, all contributing factors, but lockdowns boiled it up…now it is bubbling and over flowing.