You must never forget that the cornerstone of our legal & law enforcement system in the US is that of ‘restraint’. It turns on restraint. ‘Balance’. We live in a good governance society & at present..

by Paul Alexander

we are a tinderbox of a nation so we had to be careful. Response here makes no sense! Smacks of clear abuse of power! What about Sandy Berger? His abuse. Or Clinton? Hers. Hunter? Even POTUS Biden...

…has serious questions to answer. This is the democrats trying to hurt Trump, their opponent. All they did was clarify and crystalize the deepstate and it’s putridity, it’s abuses of power. I cannot see it any other way. I am always open to learn and be schooled and who knows. But based on all we know, this is pure abuse. IMO.

We get them at the polls and in courts. We always remain calm, law abiding, peaceful, civil, and we punish them at the polls and in the courts and keep talking and educating and agitating and sharing, share all you could that could better America and clean house of the filthy republican and democrat bandits who suck off the teats of the treasury, life-long. That’s all they do! Do not hate law enforcement, do not. They want you to. Do not fall for it! There are many good police, FBI etc. There is. It’s the crooks up top that we ensure are impeached and fired! But many really take serious risks for us. Our military is as an example. Our veterans who bled for us. Law enforcement is NOT the enemy!