You people think you won on '45'? There is always a silent majority & we have taken all notes we need, you will be repaid in kind & the arab, we will not forget if it takes 1000 years

by Paul Alexander


and we will remind you for which act and day we returned the act...this I take from the arab, this transgenerational punishment...I love that...they are misguided & often wrong but the idea is perfect!


Every single act on him, we will repay you! We will remind you. As the sun shines tomorrow, so is that booked! We will use courts, ballot box, the will of the people…we will use all legal means possible and when 45 returns to the levers, we will ensure, not only up to him, we will ensure he uses the very same levers and Justice and system on you, via a good governance society, but steep retribution, vengeance if you call it that and I love the ballot box, in the courts…legal means…but you will taste it too…not just ‘45’…eye for and eye and some. You will learn a lesson this time. its time he cleaned house properly! remake America.