You want to know what tyranny is? Look no further than New Zealand & it's COVID lockdown lunacy insanity STILL! 'New Zealand Extends Mandatory Coronavirus Quarantines Until 2024'

by Paul Alexander

There is no, and never was any medical or scientific or clinical basis to mass test asymptomatic, to isolate asymptomatic people, to lockdown whole societies; madness then & madness today!

Not because you could do it, means you do it! This is what drunk power is and looks like. IMO, the New Zealand people ‘like it so’. They remain a population very vulnerable.

‘New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins announced on Tuesday that a seven-day mandatory coronavirus quarantine period will be kept in place through the end of 2023 and possibly beyond.

Hipkins said his Cabinet performed a “difficult balancing act” and had to “weigh a number of things quite carefully” before deciding to keep the quarantine policy for people who test positive for Wuhan coronavirus infection.’