You were NOT insane! "Lies, hoax, fraud, greatest public health disaster": these are the terms to best describe the last 2.5 years under the Trump & Biden COVID response; we felt hopeless, helpless

by Paul Alexander

vulnerability, ranging from total despair and anxiety, to pure boiling anger, the isolation these frauds Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, Birx, Njoo, Tam etc., made us 'powerless'; investigate, JAIL!

Every single aspect of the COVID pandemic, from the virus itself, the lockdowns, school closures, PCR test, asymptomatic transmission, natural immunity, business closures, shielding, mask mandates, the ineffective and harmful vaccine, all of it, every single aspect was a lie, a fraud. Every time you put on a mask, it was a joke, they knew it, they were making asses of you and your kids. All of us. Everything! they knew the PCR test was 95% false positive over cycle count threshold of 24-25 (Ct). Yet we cycled and detected viral dust and junk, non-infectious non-culturable pathogen for 2 years, at a Ct of 40 and 45 via CDC.

Dr. Francis Collins, Fauci, Albert Bourla, Bancel, and Birx, Azar, drag these 6 into a courtroom and start proper legal proceedings. Proper. With proper oversight and examination.

You were NEVER insane! It was the lockdown lunatic set of them at CDC, NIH, SAGE, FDA, our Prime Ministers, our Presidents, out health agency crazy inept crooked idiotic people, those Task Force COVID advisors like the ones who advised Trump and now Biden, like the Science Table in Ontario, like the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada, like the State licensing boards, like the thousands of doctors who turned their backs on their patients, and did not treat them with effective drugs, did not tell the governments they were wrong and that natural immunity was superior to vaccine immunity and bullet proof and life-long, and that the COVID injection was not properly tested and ineffective (just based on the data used to gain EUA) and unsafe and must not be rolled-out. Yes, we jail doctors too! We jail all those fraud money-whore academic scientists who sold out and refused to conduct the proper studies and when they did, designed studies to fail to support the fraudulent CDC and FDA tactics.


No, you did nothing wrong, it is those power-drunk lockdown lunatic malfeasants in our governments and their scientific advisors, it is all who stole money and got COVID relief money, fraudulent bogus contracts, kickback money, hospital CEOs, all the missing PPE and PPP money, it is those who destroyed so many lives and changed the world forever with their COVID fraud. They have damaged the world in ways 9/11 could not.

They have caused people to commit suicide, children to commit suicide, damage that can never ever be reversed. We could not bury our dead. These people, every single COVID lockdown lunatic policy must be examined in US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, every nation, Caribbean, European, all, and if these people are shown to have done nothing wrong, then we praise them but if it is shown they caused deaths by negligence, recklessness, just pure power drunk actions, with no science, just reckless, then we take every penny they have $ and we imprison the whole lot of them. We cannot accept CDC Walensky and Fauci coming out saying ‘oh this was terrible by CDC and we made mistakes and we have to do house cleaning’ and simple riding off. Are these people EFF in crazy?

No, that was the old days. They are skipping the ‘accountability step’. We must have accountability and we imprison them for what they did for I and others gave them data and the science each step of the way!