You will come to learn how deadly the mRNA injections are & that the mRNA trials & data were bogus & fraudulent; yes, Pfizer and Moderna engaged in fraud; omitted data, RRR over ARR, unblinding

by Paul Alexander

Pfizer removed over 3,000 people from relative risk calculations (when included RRR drops to 20%); used RRR and not the needed ARR; gave vaccine to placebo so no more study is possible

They know full well that once you unblind, then the efficacy and effectiveness and safety data is not possible, you will not have tow distinct groups anymore for comparative research…the tragedy is the EBM experts know this and ordinarily would have written many papers by now calling the vax companies out for terrible methods etc…but they can’t because they got some MONEY…

They the vaccine companies and CEO Bourla and Bancel, knew that the relative risk reduction (RRR) was a duplicitous measure and what was needed was the absolute risk reduction (ARR)…RRR was reported at 95% to deceive the public for the ARR for Pfizer was 0.8% and I think 1.1% Moderna.

Trump was so devastatingly misled with the Fauci and Birx lockdowns and the fraud unneeded injections. Badly misled. He needs to re-establish credibility by stepping up now calling for investigations but calling for end of the injections and NONE for children. This is where he is needed. I still support him but he made 2 grave mistakes only he can fix.

Always, follow the money $! Naked is correct, nice post.