Your immune system today, if you have remained UNVACCINATED & taken none of these deadly fraud mRNA technology gene injections, remains the GOLD standard, the prize! VACCINATED will give anything to

by Paul Alexander

have your immune system today, they want the spike protein OUT! Out!! Your unvaccinated child, you as an adult, has saved your immune system & is the best way to NOT get infected with COVID

Vaccinated people today will pay any amount of money to get the immune system of the unvaccinated child, the unvaccinated adult who withstood the relentless pressure to take the COVID vaccine and who were exposed naturally and harmlessly, recovered and have natural immunity today, bullet proof immunity that protects them against any sub-variant even when there is an immune rechallenge, where innate immunity is breached.

Being vaccinated with mRNA vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna etc.) for COVID dramatically escalates your risk of being infected, or becoming re-infected; this vaccine drives you to become infected. Having no vaccine gives you the least risk of infection.


Shrestha et al. showed us the dose response and increased risk with vaccine doses: