Zachary Stieber, brilliant reporting as usual: "EXCLUSIVE: CDC Officials Told They Spread Misinformation but Still Didn't Issue Correction: Emails"; FOIA, CDC officials were alerted that they spread..

by Paul Alexander

misinformation about child COVID-19 deaths but still did not issue corrections, according to emails; they were told that statistics from a preprint study they shared were wrong; CROOKED CDC as usual!

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This is the BLUE-PRINT for a Republican congress and senate to hold the proper investigations to get to the bottom of the manufacture (Gain-of-Function) and release of COVID-19, as well as investigations of all of the COVID lockdown polices, mandates, and the decisions and actions taken in developing and bringing the COVID gene injection (vaccine). This is imperative for any administration to get accountability for all of the policies and decisions made with regards to COVID-19:

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Zachary Stieber’s coverage of this (EPOCH) today: