Zachary Stieber of EPOCH is probably the only reporter & among all such Freedom Fighter media, who knows what the hell he is doing & what the fight is about! Props again! Steiber on CDC ‘Stay

by Paul Alexander

Protected’: CDC Doubles Down on Plans to Recommend Annual COVID-19 Shots'; Steiber shares the continued idiocy of CDC, the intellectual laziness, academic sloppiness, stupidity of CDC

Here the CDC is telling you to get the COVID shot annually, like the ineffective bogus flu shot and just when you thought Rochelle Walensky’s stupidity could not be outdone, the CDC has gone and brought an even more clueless technocrat.

Good Lord Mandy, at the very least, read up on the science before talking this drivel tripe garbage, you sound clueless! Never thought Rochelle or even Jerome could be outdone but you have done it right out of the box….


I do not even think Cohen pretends to follow the science, she is downright stupid IMO and she is playing with fire for the XBB.1.5 booster will place sub-optimal selective pressure on the EG.5 spike (with viral immune escape, original antigenic sin (recalled antibodies to the initial prime), immune imprinting, pathogenic priming, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection etc.) and drive emergence of more infectious clades and potentially a far more lethal virulent one.

The vaccine had failed, the boosters had failed, maximal waning immunity and into negative effectiveness/efficacy:

Back to CDC’s Cohen:

‘“We are likely to see this as a recommendation for an annual COVID shot, just like we have an annual flu shot,” Dr. Mandy Cohen, the director, said in a podcast episode released on Aug. 9. “And I think that will give more folks clarity about should they get one or not, because the answer is like, ‘Well, did you get one this year? If not, go get the new COVID shot.'”

She said that the CDC will likely make the recommendation in the coming weeks.

“This will be an annual vaccine … to make sure that you stay protected,” Dr. Cohen said.’

Firstly, CDC makes recommendations and it is just that, a recommendation or guidance. IMO, turn it off, do not listen to this junk from CDC. Not compelled to. No law saying you have to.

‘U.S. officials initially said people would only need a primary series to protect themselves against COVID-19 but in 2021, less than a year after recommending vaccination for virtually everyone, they authorized and advised boosters to try to stem waning immunity.

As newer variants have emerged, the vaccines have performed even worse, leading to recommendations for additional boosters and, in the fall of 2022, the clearance of updated bivalent shots from Pfizer and Moderna. Those shots later replaced the companies’ old vaccines.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which decides whether to clear vaccines, said in June that it was directing Pfizer and other manufacturers to update the shots again to target the XBB.1.5 strain because the vaccines “appear less effective against currently circulating variants (e.g., XBB-lineage viruses) than against previous strains of virus.”’