'Zelensky Declares it Is ‘Absolutely Fair’ For Ukraine to Attack Targets Inside Russia'; what you are watching folks is a real war criminal, a sick twisted malfeasant who steals US tax payer money

by Paul Alexander

and governments even before Biden, even in Trump, Clinton, Bush, Obama et al., all using Ukraine across decades as a slush fund ponzi scheme money slush fund, crooks, all of them, now they want WW III

This guy should be in front of a court somewhere…this person is bent on total destruction of the world; IMO not one dollar, not one US dollar or blood was ever to shed for this freak and his madness! Biden is ensuring otherwise.

We deal with Biden and the cabal at the polls coming, in courts. We make sure we understand the money Hunter (who the devil himself has banned from hell as too corrupted for hell the devil has signalled, said Hunter will tuern hell bad, will make the evil beasts in hell worse) got from Ukraine and China and wherever and whoever, we need to get accountability for what…was this pay to play? was this fraud? was this selling US secrets? who is guarding the guards? are the guards themselves thieves and sold out corrupted?