Zelensky speaks with China's Xi for first time & US to dock nuke subs in South Korea first time in 40 yrs & 2nd American killed in Sudan; I have to thank the Biden administration for doing a great job

by Paul Alexander

We have so much to look forward to this coming summer & fall. Between those 2 disasters & the open border with illegals pouring in with drugs & jihadists, crime & a screwed economy, we are happy!

You know when you are just too shocked to think can these people be more destructive and damaging to the US, these America haters, you then wake up and read and listen to more and realize that their depth of hatred for the US and incompetence knows no bounds. At no time have we been closer to WW III than now.

I do not even know who to blame anymore for the COVID disaster. All we know is that some bad people did us bad things and we need to know who clearly so that we can get proper justice. So that we can heal.

America is too great, too important a nation, we have to fight to save her for our children and grand-children. They are not capable, it is up to us to right the ship.