Zero, NONE, '0', not one healthy child in US or Canada, Sweden, Germany etc. was exposed to COVID, got the virus, and died from it, NOT ONE! over 3 years of this fraud lie of a pandemic; Walensky knew

by Paul Alexander

there is and was never ever a basis to give statistical zero risk children (of severe outcomes or deaths) any of these fraud Kariko, Weissman, Malone mRNA technology based gene injections, NONE!

For mother’s day coming, commit to not giving your healthy child any of these COVID fraud shots and commit to never ever trusting the government or any of their public health officials, they lied to you, deceived you, got money somehow (incentivized, if that meant keeping their jobs while they denied you exemptions and you lost yours and money) and these criminals, including doctors, caused deaths. Never ever trust them, they are worst than devils and a special place in hell is reserved for them!

I challenge any CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS, NIAID, SAGE, Health Canada, or PHAC so called experts, to show us healthy children who died from COVID. Show us one case. A healthy child.