10 reasons why the COVID vaccine mandates must end now and the vaccines have failed

by Paul Alexander

These vaccines are not safe for general use and cannot be deployed indiscriminately unless proven otherwise; I say end the vaccines now, I join McCullough, stop it entirely

1. COVID-19 vaccination remains voluntary research in that the vaccine is investigational and experimental, no final approval

2. COVID-19 vaccines do not protect the upper airways, it does not sterilize the virus in that does nit stop transmission or infection; it must only be offered, not mandated, yet as you know, I am 100% against these entirely from all I know today. You have to understand and it is your right if you took the jabs, for you were being a good citizen, your duty, and you believed the beasts at FDA and CDC and NIH…you trusted Fauci, but you were lied to and please, if you have not taken it yet, take none, trust Omicron to get you through and you will be 100% naturally immune, if one shot, no second, no booster.

3. COVID-19 vaccines did not protect against the increasingly prevalent Delta variant and is failed completely against the OMICRON…it is done. Dies not work.

4. COVID-19 vaccines have a dangerous mechanism of action in that it is the spike glycoprotein that your cells code for on instructions form the mRNA payload, that causes devastation to the vasculature, to the vessel walls, causing blood clots and bleeding. The spike in the vaccine mirrors the spike in the virus that causes the devastation with severe COVID.

5. There is a massive number of cases of pericarditis or myocarditis or heart inflammation among individuals below age 30 years; recent potent research says it is devastating in persons < 40; good work by Drs. Hoeg, Rose, McCullough, Kostoff shows us how deadly the vaccine is to males (90:10 ratio of myocarditis)

6. There is risk of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in women ages 18-48 associated with low platelet counts

7. COVID-19 vaccines are generating record safety reports in CDC’s VAERS database and Europe’s EUDRA vigilance system for vaccine adverse effects and deaths; tens of thousands of deaths and millions of adverse effects, and VAERS only captures 1-10% of the burden

8. People are dying and being hospitalized in record numbers in the days after COVID-19 vaccination; we see 1-2 days and generally by 6-7th day post vaccine, so a strong temporal relationship

9. The safety profile is unknown

10. Any personal choice or protected health information concerning the COVID-19 vaccine and its complications is confidential and anonymous according to federal law